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Danny Farah

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My personal training is about improving mentally and physically to reach your maximum potential. Whatever your individual goal may be, whether it’s to gain muscle, lose body fat, improve strength, power, fitness, or sport-specific abilities, we will get there together. I am a qualified personal trainer and remedial massage therapist. I have had 3 years’ experience in Kung Fu martial arts, and 5 years’ experience in A-grade volleyball -Premier of Winter 2010 & 2011 and runner up in summer 2011. Together, we can change your life.

Anything is possible, and nothing is irreversible.


Hollea Dopper

PH: 0404-832-732

Do you have a goal you can’t reach; weight loss, muscle gain, or increased fitness. I am here to help you. Our training will be fun and challenging while I guide you to your best and get results. I am registered with Physical Activity Australia. I have studied applied nutrition for enhanced body composition, advanced Boxing. Polar heart rate based training & new age training methods for weight loss. I am a devoted hockey player, representing Victoria numerous times and still competing at high levels. I will be dedicated in getting you the changes you desire.

Together everything is possible - We will have an effect!